Area: 101.9 (39 sq.mi.)

Population: 19782 (as of 2001)

Density: 194/ (503/sq.mi.)

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Aegli Hotel
Category: 2**
Aktaeon Hotel
Category: 1*
Akti Delfiniou Hotel & Furnished Apts
Category: 4****
Akti Delfiniou
Alkyon Hotel
Category: 2**
Amfitryon Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Apollon Hotel
Category: 3***
Apollonion Palace Hotel
Category: L'CLASS
Archaeon Beach Hotel
Category: 2**
Archaeon Beach
Benois Hotel
Category: 2**
Blue Sea Hotel
Category: 2**
Blue Sea
Brazzera Hotel
Category: 3***
Cyclades Hotel
Category: 2**
Diogenis Traditional Hotel
Category: A'CLASS
Dora Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Eleana Hotel
Category: 4****
Electra Hotel
Category: 2**
Faros Village Hotel
Category: 4****
Faros Village
Francoise Hotel
Category: 2**
Hermes Hotel
Category: 3***
Kamelo Hotel
Category: 2**
Kokkina Beach Hotel
Category: 3***
Kokkina Beach
Lila Traditional Hotel
Category: A'CLASS
Maistrali Hotel
Category: 3***
Monte Kristo Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
Monte Kristo
Nissaki Hotel
Category: 3***
Omiros Traditional Hotel
Category: A'CLASS
Santa Maria Hotel
Category: 3***
Santa Maria
Smaragdi Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
The Two Hearts Camping
Category: C'CLASS
The Two Hearts
Villa Selena Traditional Hotel
Category: L'CLASS
Villa Selena
Ypatia Hotel
Category: 3***

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Syros is considered to be a princess of Cycladic archipelago. It is located in 144 km to south east from Athens. The island offers traditional Greek beauty, sensational landscapes, innumerable nice beaches, unique culture and architecture as well as wild nightlife which will make your vacation. As Syros is a cultural center of Cyclades, it is rather easy and simple to get there. Tourists can take ferry or get to the island by regular domestic flights from Athens.

Syros hotels offer the greatest advantages of comfortable rest to all tourists. Guests will find cheap and cozy family run hotels as well as unforgivably luxurious hotels. Maistrali Hotel is located in the Galissas Bay overlooking a majestic beach and glorious seascape. There you will find state of the art suites and rooms for genuine relaxation and recreation. Advantageous location of the place will make it easy to go on touring through the island or just to choose a beach as your final destination.

The capital city of the island is Ermoupolis offering great sights for tourists. The city is split into three parts. Two hill parts are crowned with ancient churches meanwhile a waterfront provides access to beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

Galissas is a nice resort area on Syros providing shadowy beaches and lots of archaeological sights such as a ruined Venetian castle. Another spot of touristic interest is an in-cave chapel Agios Stephanos.

However many tourists tend to visit Syros due to numerous beach locations. Kini is a perfect beach destination for families with kids as it offers nice sandy shore and shallow crystal clear and very warm waters. Delfini is one of the best beaches of the island providing all sorts of leisure and open air entertainments for tourists. This place is of great popularity among locals as well. Galissas is the best sheltered beach of the island. It is protected from winds and provides tranquil atmosphere for careless rest and recreation.
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